The healing power of stillness

I was asked to be part of this excellent lecture series happening on the web this month.  You can check out the details here:  This Monday is my webinar, which will focus on how finding stillness in our lives opens up the way to healing.  When we are rushing around madly, trying to accomplish thing after thing, it’s hard to hear that still, small voice of intuition and light that guides us.  This intuitive voice is the only one we need to listen to when we’re in the midst of hard decisions or challenges.  It always leads us in the way that is best for us!  Even when we aren’t sure at first of the direction.

There’s a really interesting article in the NYTimes recently about underlying spiritual principles that guide our lives.  You can read it here:  Here’s an idea from the article: “…principles of mind and spirit exist that we have not even begun to scientifically map in the West, and that we should be doing so.”  Mary Baker Eddy mapped out these ideas more than 100 years ago, and Christian Scientists strive to practice these principles in their everyday lives.  This is what brings healing — working to understand the mind and spirit of divine things that undergird our existence.

Join the webinar Monday night to hear more about this and how putting this principle into action is for anyone, anywhere to learn and practice and find more inner peace and contentment as result.