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Disagreement without Discontent
Christian Science Monitor 9/3/2003

Elections in Afghanistan: a prayer for peace and wisdom
Christian Science Monitor 4/4/2014

Prayer frees from corruption in West African airport
Christian Science Monitor 1/28/2014

The quest for stability in Ukraine
Christian Science Monitor 2/27/2014

Time to Listen
Christian Science Sentinel 5/17/2010

Beware of False Summits
Christian Science Monitor 12/13/2006

Christian Science Monitor 11/20/2006

Stopping Parental Burnout
Christian Science Monitor 9/30/2004


Additional Published Articles

Christian Science Journal

Church as a Conversation 7/2014
Micro-publishing for Africa 2/2014
An Eye to Africa 12/2012
Spiritual Progress in Africa 8/2010
West African Welcome 2/2010
Your Insights 5/2009

Christian Science Sentinel

What Violence Can Never Touch: a year after the Boston marathon bombings 4/16/2014
Time to Listen 5/17/2010
My Effort for Peace in the Middle East 5/26/2003
Peaceful Parenting 4/18/2005

Herald of Christian Science

Korruption am Flughafen durch Gebet Verhindert 8/2014
A oração nos liberta da corrupção 8/2014
La oración nos libera de la corrupción 8/2014
La prière vainc la corruption dans un aéroport 8/2014
Parents, et en paix 4/2006

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