Lessons of love from a cat

On a quiet rainy morning just before Easter, our cat came up and crawled into Mia’s lap.  I had just been reading about unconditional love, and we talked about how cats express this.  They don’t jump all over you saying, happy to meet you!  Or even act very exuberant about, well, really anything.  But the love is quiet, confident, and mentally independent.
The kind of mental independence we’ve learned from our cat helps with family life.  Rather than riding the roller coaster of ups and downs and highs and lows, our cat is a very even-keel, balanced guy. When he’s ready to go out, he just jumps up and hangs on the window to the backyard until we notice.

If we thought of love as this constant, always available love from God, we might also be able to sleep as restfully as a cat, take initiative to jump higher, and come up and offer love when least expected.

Mia says that the thing she loves most about our cat is that he loves you no matter what. I think as we look back on our lives, we’ll find that the moments that really stand out are the ones where we’ve really loved others — no matter what!