Here are some of the ideas I’ve been collecting about confidence through the years.  Something it’s useful to always remember!

  •  Act as possessing all power in Him who made your being…look where you would walk. To continually hold in thought that you lack confidence, will create a tentative and timid sense of yourself. To gain confidence, first claim confidence. It’s not being confident in your own ability that is important, but a confidence in God’s ability. Do you doubt that there is a divine intelligence that governs the whole universe? When you see the unique fishes of the ocean reef or the myriad colors of tropical flowers, you are seeing divinely intelligent design for the spiritual universe. This governing of the universe includes each of us, and is the source of all self-assurance.
  • Confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in others, because it encourages confidence in oneself. Misplaced confidence, bordering on arrogance, doesn’t inspire others. But feeling comfortable in who you are enables you to move through the world without timidity or self-consciousness.
  • True confidence means taking thought off of oneself. It is easy to tell someone whose actions mainly serve themselves. But someone whose thoughts and actions are not on themselves, whose aims and ambitions are higher and focused on giving and serving not for selfish reasons but for the sole purpose of being willing and able to give of themselves, are inspiring to be around.
  • Worry about lacking confidence sometimes belies a strong confidence in one’s ability to fail. Do we see that worrying about ourselves is actually just misplaced confidence? We want to foster an attitude of confidence in the right things, rather than the things that seem to reinforce inadequacy and lack.
  • Start by claiming confidence before you feel it. We don’t become more confident by trying to work on ourselves. We gain confidence by acknowledging that the assurance we are seeking is part of our original nature.
  • We are often confident when we are talking about something we love, something that gives us joy without self-consciousness. Life is about fostering un-self-conscious moments: playfulness, wonder, childlikeness. Giving to others, painting a local school, helping a young child with reading, many of these activities help take thought off ourselves and develop a clear sense of who we are without self-concern.