Christian Science Treatment

Lari Snorek-Yates Christian Science Treatment

Prayer that heals…

Christian Science practitioners are people who devote their full time to healing work with those who are solving their problems through prayer. Christian Science treatment helps individuals understand more about God, divine Life and Love and this understanding brings healing to all types of ailments, from depression to chronic illness. A deeper understanding of God and of spiritual reality results in definitive healing.

Services that are provided with Christian Science treatment include:

  • Specific prayer for any of life’s challenges — physical, financial, emotional, etc. This prayer is based on the Bible and on the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
  • Offering spiritual support and reassurance.
  • Home visits to individuals requesting prayer treatment or support.

As a practitioner, I fully respect and uphold the confidentiality of the patient/practitioner relationship.

Contact Lari for help: 802-579-6888 or email


Christian Science treatment is for anyone looking for healing or resolution through prayer. There is no formula for Christian Science treatment. Each treatment focuses on specific inspiration for that individual’s needs. The basic premise of treatment is that God, Love, is all good and each of us is God’s spiritually created child. Prayer treatment puts off dark, discouraging thoughts, and affirms the presence of God, divine Love, and spiritual laws of health and harmony.

Treatment begins from the premise of the individual’s wholeness and worth. It does not include the use of drugs, physical therapy or counseling. Being healed spiritually is an encouraging and affirming experience, although it often requires giving up old habits and acquiring a new sense of identity as the “image and likeness of God.”



Consultation is an opportunity to share spiritual inspiration, without the service of specific Christian Science treatment. Consultation is general prayer while treatment is specific truths applied to an individual request for help.  The first consultation is free of charge.


On-site Visits

A home visit or visit to a Christian Science care facility can be helpful in bringing inspiration and an uplifted sense to the individual who is praying for healing. Though Christian Science treatment does not depend on the distance between the practitioner and the individual who is receiving prayer support, it can be a good support at times to be together in the same place.

$60/hr + mileage